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Experience as (Web) Developer

Beginning at 13 years old I learned constantly new programming abilities and dialects. Early I began making sites for companions and for no particular reason too. Other than web improvement I likewise investigated Python and other non-web-just dialects. This enthusiasm has since kept going and lead to my choice of filling in as an independent web designer and advisor. The achievement and fun I have in this activity is huge and truly keeps that energy burningly alive.

Beginning web improvement on the backend (PHP with Laravel, NodeJS, Python) I likewise turned out to be increasingly more of a frontend designer utilizing present day systems like React, Angular or VueJS 2 out of a great deal of activities. I love the two universes these days!

As a self-trained designer I got the opportunity to expand my perspective by examining Business Administration where I hold a Master's certificate. That empowered me to work in a significant system consultancy just as a bank. While realizing, that I appreciate advancement m

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